Project70 at By His Design

We live, work and play in eastern North Carolina. It's our home and the place we've been fortunate enough to grow a family-owned & operated business. We believe it's time to give back. In that spirit, we've launched Project 70.

Here's How it Works

We're giving $70 to the Onslow Women's Center every time we are hired to complete a new Website Development Project. It's simple. Together, we can help the victims of domestic violence, abuse and sexual assault in our community and be part of reducing and preventing violent crimes.

We're proud to support the Onslow Women's Center. We hope you will support them, too.

No More Silence.
No More Violence.

If you need help, call the center's 24 hour hotline at 910-347-4000.



Project 70 - A Social Good Initiative to End Domestic Violence and Abuse


Why We Give

Our mission is to: Invest in People, Grow Commerce & Build Community. We take that literally. When we partner with clients to develop better brands, increase sales conversions and meet profit goals, we take part of what we earn and invest it in people and our community.

We also find a LOT of joy in giving and helping others.