Brand Style Guides: Visuals, Voice & Value

Posted by Cindy Edwards on 12.13.16 in Brand, Creative

Brand Style Guides are Guard Rails

Every company wants a brand that drives sales and promotes a positive public image.   Where does that start?  With a brand that’s intentionally designed to be clear, consistent and resonate with your ideal clients.  Typically, development of a Brand Guide follows a Brand Audit or is created to successfully guide the launch of a new […]Read More

Refreshing a Brand: Onslow County Schools

Posted by Cindy Edwards on 08.23.16 in Brand, News

OCS gets a fresh look for 2016-2017

Onslow County Schools (OCS) is one of the largest and fastest growing public school systems in North Carolina.  The system is well-known as a model across the state and nation for innovative collaborations and programs.  In the middle of the constant pursuit of excellence for students, schools and teachers – one thing had not changed:  […]Read More

Why it may be Time for a Brand Audit

Posted by Cindy Edwards on 08.01.16 in Brand, Marketing Strategy

communications audit team

There are several times a brand audit is of extreme value to an organization.  The most significant opportunities include: prior to internal strategic planning sessions before developing a communications plan when a brand hasn’t been externally reviewed in several years (3-5, or more) before creating or revising a marketing tagline (strapline) when markets shift, competition […]Read More

Authentic Branding: Keeping it Real

Posted by Cindy Edwards on 07.28.16 in Brand, Business & Leadership

Keeping it real

Keeping it Real The word “authentic” comes up again and again in leadership, business and in marketing.  In the latter, strong emphasis is placed on telling your story.  Why?  Because being authentic and telling your story are very important ways for your stakeholders and customers to determine if you’re the right fit for what they […]Read More

You have a Brand – Whether you Created it or Not

Posted by Cindy Edwards on 07.07.16 in Brand

You have a brand whether you created it or not.

Your brand exists… even if it wasn’t intentionally developed. Your products, services or level of excellence in your industry are not as important as your brand.  Your brand is what creates believers and motivates buyers. The best brands resonate so strongly with their markets they create a passionate, loyal following. Every organization has a brand. […]Read More